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Sun Basket Review

I love eating a home-cooked meal; I find it more appealing and satisfying. But my problem is shopping for ingredients. I barely have enough time at work (I work even on weekends) so I decided to do a little research online, that’s how I came across I decided to give their service a try. Now, I come back home every day hoping to see a delicious-looking food on my doorstep.

A friend suggested similar services but I choose to stay with Sun Basket because I found their ingredients to be truly organic, sustainable and seasonal from the Pacific Coast. They also use recyclable packaging. There are other reasons why I love them. In this article, I am going to let you know about my honest opinion of Sun Basket service and let you decide if you want to buy from them or seek another alternative.

What To Know About Sun Basket

Founded: 2014
Delivery Area: 34 States
Price: $74.93 for 3 complete meals for 2 people (includes shipping)

Sun Basket is a company that delivers organic meal kits to your doorstep. According to the company, they are dedicated to delivering fresh organic produce, antibiotic, easy to follow recipes and hormone-free meats to your home.

Their service involves delivering all the ingredients you need for 3 meals a week. One unique thing about their ingredient delivery service is that they not only deliver the food but also measure out the exact portions you need for each recipe.

Right from my first order, I discovered that each meal is very easy to prepare, in fact, none of their meals takes more than 30 – 45 minutes to get ready.

Each meal contains between 500 – 800 calories. Another important thing is that they have a flexible menu options for Paleo, gluten free, and vegetarian members.

Personally, I think their meal prices are fair; it cost just $11.50 per person. You can contact them to lower the portion if you have leftovers, this will also help you to reduce the price you pay.

There is not much difference in terms of the price you pay for Sun Basket ingredients and the ones you bought yourself from food supermarket, though, you are more likely to get more flavorful, fresher, healthier ingredients from Sun Basket. And it certainly is easier.

sun-basket-box-look-inHow It Works
Sun Basket makes it really easy to select the meal you want and have it delivered to your home.
You choose 3 recipes for 2 or 4 people at $11.49 per meal

You can select Paleo, gluten-free or vegetarian foods
They do a weekly delivery to your home. Your food ingredients will come in a beautiful insulated box to keep your food fresh. All the foods are placed on recyclable and reusable packaging materials.

In my own case, my first box arrived on Monday evening just like they said. I was truly impressed with the packaging; it was the first thing that caught my attention. There was a beautiful welcome message and recipe cards on the box – I was really impressed with it.

On the box is every ingredient I needed to prepare 3 meals for 2 people with instructions on how to prepare the meals. They neatly vacuum-sealed the meat and even separated it from the rest of the veggies – this was truly impressive.

One of the most impressive things about their packaging is that the ingredients were neatly organized and packaged separately for each meal. This makes it extremely easy to find the ingredients I need to prepare my meal.

I didn’t think it was possible to ship perishable goods so neat and well-organized. I really find it very easy to pick any ingredient I need from the box while preparing the meal. Oh! Before I forgot, I was impressed to notice that the ice in the box was still cold despite the fact that the box has been on my doorstep several hours before I returned home that evening.


I have all the ingredients I needed to prepare each meal without leftovers. Like I said above, I found it extremely easy picking each ingredient from the box due to the way they were neatly separated and arranged and also because each one was labeled.whatsinyoursunbasketsmall_00


You will see the recipe inside the box. The recipe comes with pictures that let you know exactly what the meal should look like. You will find preparing each meal very easy. Apart from a little chopping and zesting, there isn’t much to do to get the food ready. Each meal will not take over 40 minutes to get ready.

What I Love About Sun Basket

I love home-cooked meals. However, my busy schedule makes it really difficult for me to have time to make a decision about what to cook and even more difficult shopping for them. So Sun Basket is my best option. In fact, I will still buy from them even if I have all the time in the world.

They deliver fresh ingredients with instructions easy enough for anyone to read and cook a good meal. I love their packaging and their recipes. It is really hard to find a reliable recipe source that delivers what they promise. Sun Basket makes it very convenient for me to prepare home-cooked meals without worrying about shopping for them.

What I don’t like

I wish Sun Basket had more recipes to choose from each week. Also sometimes ingredients may open or be jostled during shipping, however, customer service is generally good about reimbursing you.

Final Thought

I really love Sun Basket food ingredient delivery service. If you love organic produce, or you like trying good food and new recipes, then Sun Basket is for you.

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