Site Design
Cust. Service
User rating
Pros: Fast cust. service
Beautiful site design
Fun sock designs
Donates lots of socks to charity
Cons: No toll free phone number is a fun and unique subscription service that sends you a new pair of socks each month. The socks that get sent to you are not just any socks, however. Read on and see what I mean, below I review Sock Panda based on nine factors.

Customer Service

When reviewing companies I like to send an email to their customer service department and see how long it takes to get a reply. I sent an email to Sock Panda on a weekday afternoon and received a friendly and helpful response in one hour! I like to see customer service replies within 24 hours, in one hour is quite impressive.

BBB Rating:

At the time of this writing, does not currently have a rating with the Better Business Bureau as no complaints have been filed against them. Site Design:

The layout of is bright and friendly. When you are buying something like designer socks, you do not want to deal with a boring site, and SockPanda does a good job of making the shopping experience fun.

Checking out is a pain-free process and everything is available on one page. I don’t like it when companies require you to create a user account and SockPanda does. However, with a product that has recurring billing, it seems to be more useful to have an account created.

sock panda fun and unique sock subscription service

Product Selection:

Men’s, women, and kids’ socks are available. Men’s and women’s socks both have two styles that you can choose from, cool or bold. “Bold” socks are bright and showy and have fun unique designs. “Cool” socks are slightly toned down. For men “cool” socks offer a unique twist on dress socks, mainly using stripes, squares, and argyle designs.

Kid’s socks are really bright and fun and are available in boy and girl styles.

Men’s socks will fit comfortably for shoe sizes 8-12
Women’s socks will fit comfortably for shoe sizes 5-10


Men’s and Women’s socks are $19/month for two pairs or $12/month for one pair. You have the option of choosing your subscription length (6 months, 1 year, or until you say so)

Kid’s socks are $11/month

FREE SHIPPING on all orders!

International orders are available for an extra $3 month

Gift subscriptions are available.

NOTE: Keep reading for a coupon code that will lower your cost!

Privacy Policy does provide a privacy policy. It is not as detailed as policies from other companies I have reviewed, but it does explain how your private information is handled. You can view it here.

fun socks gift subscription with sockpanda

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) has a helpful FAQ page that lists common questions that you might have. All the questions are answered with a nice friendly tone.

Toll-Free Phone Number:

SockPanda does not offer a toll-free phone number, however, they do have a phone number that you can call with questions that you might have. They can be reached at 1-650-30-SOCKS Monday through Friday 10 am-5:30 pm PST


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