Ease of Use
Job selection
Pays fast
User rating
Pros: FREE
Reliable PayPal payment
Helpful directions
Well designed
Cons: Low amount of jobs
Can not reserve jobs

zapiddylogoZapiddy, a free app available for iPhones and iPads allows you to make money from your phone by doing simple jobs at stores like Walgreens, Target, CVS and more.

These “jobs” pay anywhere from $2-$10. Once a job in your area is accepted, you simply need to take a few pictures and answer a few questions in a store.

What is the point of doing these jobs you ask? Major companies like General Mills, Kraft Foods, Nestle, and more like to make sure that their products are properly being displayed.

These companies also like to make sure the stores they sell in put their brands in a good light. This is where you and Zapiddy come in.

Zapiddy Menu

Zapiddy Menu

Zapiddy contracts with these large companies and passes the jobs off to their workforce AKA you! When you accept a job and complete the pictures and questions, you upload your results to Zapiddy.

Zapiddy then approves your responses and pays you directly in your PayPal account.

Now I have used this app along with the other mystery shopper apps that I review. Compared to the other related apps Zapiddy falls near the bottom of the pile, this is for a few reasons.

Unfortunately, not a lot of jobs were available to me. In the four months that I have been using Zapiddy I have only been able to accept and complete 3 jobs. This lack of jobs simply may be the area that I am in. You may have a better chance at jobs in your hometown.

Another negative about this app compared to others is you can not reserve a job. Other apps like Field Agent and Easy Shift allow you a set amount of time after you accept the job to complete it.

With Zapiddy you have to go to the store and then accept the job. If you get to the store and someone else did it you are out of luck. Zapiddy does listen to their members and they did say in their next update you would be able to reserve jobs. As of this writing you are not able to reserve or hold jobs.

To its credit Zapiddy is a very easy free app to use with helpful directions it is also very well laid out. When a job is completed the review process is quick and the payment is reliable.

If you are looking to make money from your phone I do suggest trying this app though there are other better apps available to you.

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