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As of February 24th 2014 the Mamasource Daily Deal program has closed. This post is kept active for archival purposes.

Mamasource is a daily deal site that caters to moms all across the country. They offer localized deals for 60 major cities. Mamasource is part of the Mamapedia network which is a large and active website community that lets moms get advice from other moms. I have reviewed this site and my thoughts are below.


Getting started is very easy, all you need to do is enter your email. Once a day you will get an email with the latest featured deal. When first signed up you are automatically set to receive the “National” emails.

You do have an option of selecting more localized deals if you live in or near one of the 60 major cities that Mamasource supports.

However in doing my research I have found that when you select a different city you are still offered the same nationwide deals. This may be partly to not being as big as some of that other daily deal sites like Groupon or Living Social and not having the offers.

Sample of available Mamasource offers - Click to expand

Sample of available Mamasource offers – Click to expand

Sometimes local deals are available so it is worth selecting your closest major city, but do not expect very localized offers all the time.


I became a member of Mamasource to see what products and deals were offered. Each day you receive an email with the latest deal. Below are five deals that were offered to me in the first five days of my membership.

Camera Lens Mug – $19 – 53% discount
Sesame Street Magazine – $14 – 50% discount
ConnectMyDNA DNA self-discovery kit – $29 – 68% off
3-in-1 Charging cable – $9 – 70% off
Set of 2 Chalkboard Decals and Chalk markers – $20 – 50% off

These are good deals, and I checked other online retailers to compare prices and you are actually getting the percentage off that is listed.

When I signed up I was under the impression that these deals were going to be specifically for moms. I think it is a stretch to say that all the offers are targeted just at moms.


Mamasource Checkout Process - Click to expand

Mamasource Checkout Process – Click to expand

The checkout process is very elegant and streamlined. All checkouts are done with secure SSL technology. It is important to note that when you buy a deal you are not buying the product itself.

When your order is placed you are sent a voucher within 24 hours that allows you to redeem your purchase in-store or if it is an online merchant you are given a coupon or offer code to use on the website of the merchant.

A very helpful satisfaction guarantee is offered with each sale, and Mamasource states that if you have any problem redeeming your deal they will work with the merchant, if the problem is still not resolved you get a full refund.


Mamasource offers a very helpful FAQ that will answer almost all questions that you might have. They also make contacting their customer service through email very easy.

I sent a test email to customer support to see response time. I received a courteous reply to my question within the day.

I could not find a customer support phone number, but I feel like most questions will be able to be answered in the FAQ page or through email.


Overall I think that Mamasource is a great site for daily deals. However do not expect local deals, and sometimes the deals are not necessarily just for moms. The website is fast and efficient, offers a very helpful FAQ, the deals are good, and satisfaction is guaranteed.

As of February 24th 2014 the Mamasource Daily Deal program has closed. This post is kept active for archival purposes.