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Cons: Can take some time to upload pictures

easyshiftlogo Everyone could use some extra money, but not many people know that they can make it using their phone. There are a number of money making apps that are available to download and many are free. One of those apps is EasyShift.

Easy Shift pays you for doing simple store audits at many major retailers. Companies and brands like Duracell, Ben & Jerry’s, Hasbro, and many others have product displays that need to go up in stores like Target, Walmart, Walgreens.

Easy Shift Menu at the Airport

Easy Shift Menu at the Airport

These product displays often have to go up at a certain time or look a certain way. This is where Easy Shift comes in.

For example say Duracell has new battery sales display that needs to go up in all of the Walmart’s across the United States. Duracell wants everything to look correct, but they do not have the man-power to check every store.

They pay a company like Easy Shift who has a nationwide network of members to go to their local stores and verify, take pictures, and answer question about various aspects of the display or products.

Sign up for Easy Shift for free and you will become one of those “shifters” that has an opportunity to make money simply by going to the stores you already shop at.

3 Months of Easy Shift

3 Months of Easy Shift

I have personally used Easy Shift and made a nice amount of money, Do not expect to get rich from this app, but if you need some side income, and lets be honest who doesn’t, Easy Shift is for you.

Easy Shift jobs, also known as “shifts” can range anywhere from $4 to $10. An average shift will have you take between 4-5 pictures and answer 6-10 questions. New shifts are often added and are available all across the United States.

In fact, I recently took a nine state road trip and whenever I stopped in a town, I often ended up being able to do a shift.

Sign-up is a very easy process, and you DO NOT need to pay any money for the app or to create an account. Once you set up your account you enter your zip code and how far you are willing to go to complete a job, then a map will show all the options available to you.

The app also can alert you when shifts are available in your area.

When you accept a shift you generally have 2 days to complete it, which is much nicer than 2 hours for other similar apps. You are given directions on how to complete the task and told what store you need to go to.

Example pictures are very helpful in Easy Shift so you know what to take pictures of or what to look for. Multiple pictures can be taken for each question, unlike other apps which is helpful in case you want to show multiple views or your first picture is incorrect.

Easy Shift on Vacation

Easy Shift on Vacation

If the app happens to crash which it has for me a couple of times, your progress will be saved which is quite a life-saver!

Once the job is completed you upload your pictures and answers to Easy Shift. A negative that I have experienced is these pictures can often take quite a while to upload. Once approved, payment will be issued to your PayPal account within a few days.

If you complete a shift that requires you to buy something you will also be reimbursed. You also get points for every shift completed, and the more points you have the more shifts you can reserve which is very handy, because the shifts get snapped up quick!

Easy Shift also has a built in discussion forum which I have found many useful tips and helpful users. Another nice feature is you can see pending or reserved shifts, so you know what is coming in the future, or what someone else has reserved.

Overall Easy Shift is my favorite mystery shopper app, and worth checking out if you would like to make some extra cash.

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