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Pros: Fun!
Looks great
Quality results
Fast cooking time
Stainless steel construction
Cons: May take a bit of practice

Have you ever wanted to make a pizza at home that had the same taste as a pizza that came right out of a wood fired oven from a restaurant?

With KettlePizza you can turn any ordinary grill into a wood fired pizza oven. Have you tried making a pizza before on your grill, and it just didn’t seem to come out right?

Did the crust seem overcooked while the toppings seemed undercooked? Or have you not even considered grilling a pizza outside?

kettlepizzaThe idea for KettlePizza is an ingenious one. A stainless steel sleeve is inserted in your grill between the cover and the grilling surface.

What grills does KettlePizza work with?

Made in the United States KettlePizza works with all 18.5 in. or 22.5 in. “kettle style” grills including Weber grills.

How does KettlePizza work?

Like a conventional wood fired pizza oven that you might see at a restaurant, Kettle Pizza utilizes an open front. Constantly opening and closing a standard grill cover drastically changes the internal temperature.

With the front open, air is able to circulate easily creating a consistent temperature. And lets be honest, it looks really cool too!

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Tips and Tricks

To get the best result on your pizza use a combination of charcoal briquettes and hardwood chunks. The following combination of fuel will result in temperatures close to 750 degrees and will cook your pizza in 4-6 minutes.

It may take a couple of pizzas to get your technique right, but keep at it!

Where to buy KettlePizza

Available on the basic kit which retails for $149.99 includes a stainless steel sleeve with wood handles and a high temperature thermometer. Also included in the standard kit is a 14″ aluminum pizza pan.

The deluxe kit retails at $199.99 and includes everything the standard kit does along with a 15″ Cordierite pizza stone which helps create a crispier crust, and a wooden pizza peel to help take the pizza out of the grill.

For $50 more the deluxe kit is not necessary, as you can get by just fine with the standard kit. However the pizza stone and the pizza peel will make things a little easier for you.

Overall KettlePizza is a great unique product that is a real attention getter.