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Cust. Service
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Pros: Helpful customer service
Well designed website
Good pricing structure
Great guarantee
Cons: No FAQ page
No Toll Free phone number listed is a unique subscription service for residential furnace and air filters. Simply create an account, input the size of your filters and choose how often you would like new filters sent to you. Replacing filters is an important and often forgotten task that can really save you money.

Below I review based on 10 different factors.

Site Design:

I love the site design of When you are selling only one product your website should be simple, and easy to navigate certainly is.

Choosing a filter and checking out is a breeze, and there were no points in the process where I was wondering what I needed to do next.

NOTE: Make sure that before you get started with an order you know what size your filter is!

Product Selection:

FilterSnap designs their own filters and they are designed to last longer and be much more durable then brands that are available in the store.

FilterSnap filters have more pleats added which allows more particles and allergens to be trapped. Also a cardboard grid is added to the frame of the filter which increases stability and makes installation and removal easier.

FilterSnap Air Filter Subscription Service

MERV Rating:

Before you buy your filters you need to know what MERV rating you would like. MERV stands for “Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value” and is a measurement of air filter efficiency. You can learn more at the wikipedia page

Simply put, the higher the MERV rating, the more particles the filter is able to screen out. MERV scores are generally in a range of 1-20. Filters with scores of 15 or higher are very high-end and used in hospitals and manufacturing clean rooms. Residential filters will have a score of 1-14.


There are three options when ordering filters through Basic, Standard, and Ultimate. Each plan allows you to choose the frequency of new filters being sent to you. You can pick from 1,2,3,6,12 months. There is NO additional shipping or handling cost added on to the order.

The Basic plan offers a filter with an 8 MERV rating for $14. This will block, pollen dirt/dust, and pet dander.

The Standard filter includes basic protection plus protection from smoke and smog. At $17 and with a MERV score of 11 the Standard filter is the most popular option at FilterSnap.

If you are an allergy sufferer the Ultimate plan will be best for you. Along with the protection provided by the Standard filter you are also protected from lead dust, oil smoke, and micro-allergens. At $22 per filter the Ultimate filter has a 13 MERV rating.

NOTE: Prices are subject to change based on the size of the filter you select and how many filters you need in your subscription.

FilterSnap Pricing Options


A great way to increase consumer confidence is offer a solid guarantee, and FilterSnap certainly does. If you order the wrong size filter, the correct size is sent to you free of charge.

If a filter is damaged during shipping, a replacement is sent free of charge. Also according to the guarantee if for any reason you are not happy a full refund is offered.

Customer Service:

Every company I review I send an email with a simple question to the companies customer service department. I am looking to see how quickly they respond and if the answer is helpful and friendly.

Simply put I was amazed how fast FilterSnap responded to my question. I sent an email in the afternoon of a business day and got a very friendly and informative answer 20 minutes later!

BBB Rating

FilterSnap currently does not have a BBB rating as no complaints have been brought against them to the Better Business Bureau. I can understand why based on the quick and helpful customer service response.


At the time of this writing does not currently offer any discounts.

Privacy Policy:

A Privacy Policy is available on the FilterSnap site and is very informative. What I like about the policy is it is broken out into sections that are then broken down even more with user friendly terms.

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions):

Each company I review I like to check if they have a FAQ page which will list common questions consumers might have along with the answers. FAQ pages can be good for the consumer who is looking to quickly have a questioned answered without dealing with customer service.

At the time of this writing FilterSnap did not have a FAQ page available, however customer service has been very helpful and should be able to answer your question.

Toll Free Phone Number:

Doesn’t currently list a toll free phone number. But having very fast email customer service helps make up for it.

Remember, before you place an order, make sure you know what size filters you need!