Ease of Use
Job selection
Pays fast
User rating
Pros: FREE
Easy to use
Screener Jobs
Scavenger Hunts
Jobs available nationwide
Cons: Only have two hours to complete jobs
Can only take one picture for each question

fieldagentlogoLooking to make some side income while doing work for popular brands and companies? If so Field Agent is the app for you. Available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad’s, this app allows you to complete small jobs at stores you already shop at.

Field Agent partners with companies like Coca-Cola, Hershey’s, GE, SC Johnson, and many more. These companies want to make sure that their products are properly displayed in major retailers, like Walgreens and Target.

Field Agent Menu

Field Agent Menu

This is where you come in. After you sign up for free and create your account, jobs are shown to you within your hometown. All you need to do is accept the job, go to the correct store and take pictures and answer questions about how various products look or are displayed.

Once submitted and approved you get paid into your PayPal account. It really is that easy.

Most jobs take anywhere from 10-30 minutes to complete and pay from $2-$12 this depends on the difficulty of the job and how many pictures need to be taken. An average job will have you take 4-5 pictures and answer 8-10 questions.

I have personally used this app and made some nice money with it. Field Agent is easy to sign up for and use and has a very nice simple layout. Jobs are available all over the country and are available quite regularly.

Make sure to check the app often as jobs are snapped up very quickly.

A nice plus about about this app is that other related apps do not have are screener jobs, which ask questions about your shopping habits, and product preferences which when completed allow you to apply for better and higher paying jobs.

Field Agent Scavenger Hunt

Field Agent Job

Another fun feature that other apps do not have are scavenger hunts. These scavenger hunts need you to find certain products at stores and take pictures of them. These products are harder to find than you would think and end up being a pretty fun challenge.

Some negatives about Field Agent are you only have two hours to complete your job, other apps allow you up to two days. Also you can only take one picture for each question, sometimes you want to show multiple angles.

There are a handful of other make money apps like Field Agent and it ranks pretty highly among them. Check it out in the Apple app store if you are looking to make some money with your phone!

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