If you have a garden you know that it can be hard to keep it free of pests. Instead of spraying pesticides, a much easier and more environmentally conscious option is to install a toad house or two.

A toad house can be extremely beneficial for your garden. During the day toads prefer to stay out of the sun and in a covered location that is usually dark and humid. small-custom-toad-house

During the late afternoon and night, toads come out to hunt and often have a voracious appetite. Toads generally eat a wide variety of insects, sometimes flies, ants, slugs, and spiders. Many times toads eat creatures that are feasting on your garden.

Toad houses can be extremely simple, such as an upside down clay pot, semi buried in the ground with a small hole in the side. A number of websites list instructions on how to make a toad house, I link to those resources below. If you decide the clay pot route you can also decorate the outside however you like!

There are also websites where you can buy very unique and whimsical toad houses that really stand out in your garden. Prices for a custom toad house can generally range between $15-$50

glazed-greenpottery-toadhouseWhen installing the toad house in your garden it is best to keep it in a very low traffic area, preferably out of the direct sun. A common location is under bushes or near shade trees.

Toads like to burrow in the dirt so make sure the floor of the house is dirt and not concrete or other hard surfaces.

Toads are wonderful little creatures, that generally stay out of sight and keep your garden free of pests. Send an invitation to your local toads that your garden is a safe place to live and feed, with a toad house!

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