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Pros: Results in 1-2 days
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Tests for a wide range of STD's
Cons: May not be a test center near you

STDcheck.com is a discrete and private online std testing service. Designed to take all the anxiety out of std testing STDcheck.com gives you fast and accurate results within 1-2 business days.

Below I review the process start to finish of purchasing a online std check.

BBB Rating

Based out of Houston TX and currently doing business as FPK Services LLC, STDcheck.com currently has a B+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

I checked their ranking and they quickly handle any complaints or customer service issues that arise. You can view the full BBB rating here:


How it Works:

The process is very easy, and designed to keep your information private.

Step 1: Buy a 10-Test Panel which tests for a wide range of STD’s including; syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, Hepatitis A, B and C, Herpes 1 and 2, HIV 1 and 2

Step 2: Once purchased choose a test center near you. STDcheck.com works with a wide variety of clinics and currently there are 4,000 test centers in the United States you can choose from.

The testing process is quick and usually only takes a few minutes. A small urine and/or blood sample will be collected. The test center handles everything else.

NOTE: Throughout this whole process your health information, and any other private details are always secure. You are given a unique identification code that allows you to get tested without providing your name or filling out paperwork.

Step 3: 1 to 2 days later your results will be sent to you through email. For all positive results, except herpes 1 a doctor is available for a free phone consultation. In some instances you can be prescribed treatment over the phone.

online std check



The most common package is the 10 Test Panel which tests for 10 different STD’s and costs $219.

If you want to test for only one specific STD you can, those prices are generally $79-$89 for each STD.

HIV screening is also available. STDcheck.com is the the only online STD testing service that provides an FDA approved RNA HIV Early Detection Test.

This test is able to screen for the HIV virus 9 to 11 days after exposure. This service costs $175

Customer Support:

Customer support is available via email, toll-free phone, or live chat.

I asked a few questions in the live chat and each question was quickly answered with an informative answer.

It can be scary thinking you have an STD so it is comforting to know that STDCheck.com is very helpful and reassuring through the whole process.


Safe and Secure
Fast and Convenient
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Testing for STD’s can seem intimidating, make sure you get all your questions answered before you purchase a test.

Site Design:

The site is clean and well designed. All the content you need is easily accessible, and is highlighted by the bright blue and orange colors. All of the useful information is easily accessible.


Along with my review, testimonials can be very helpful, and ease any concerns you may have with a service like STDcheck. Listed on the website are thousands of patient testimonials, you can read them here stdcheck.com/testimonials.php



When using this service, chances are good that you will have some questions. Besides the helpful support options there is also a large frequently asked questions or “FAQ” page.

Questions range from what is an std? to Why should I trust stdcheck.com? All questions are answered and informative.

Privacy Policy:

Just like at any other healthcare provider your personal information needs to be kept secure. One thing I check for when reviewing various companies is their privacy policy.

For a company like STDcheck.com I feel that privacy needs to be a top priority. I was pleasantly surprised by how protected your information is. All data is securely stored.


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Updated November 18, 2016