Personal photo checks

Personal photo checks

Personalized photo checks are extremely popular. It is now easy to bring your favorite photos to life. Every time you write a check you will bring a smile to your face.

Have a favorite car, pictures of your family or a new house. Want to remember your latest summer trip, or family reunion. Any picture you want (within reason) you can put on your check. It is important to note that you can not add any trademarked or vulgar images.

The process of buying photo checks is very easy. You upload the picture from your computer to the companies site, and they take care of the rest. Your photos will be faded slightly so that they meet banking standards, and you can see the writing. Your photo will cover the entire check.

I have reviewed four different companies that offer personal photo checks, and my review is below. The price listed is for one box of checks.

When comparing sites make sure to notice that although Carousel Checks and Checks-Superstore offer a low price they do charge an additional fee for each additional image after the first free photo.

Up to 24 images. First image is free $5 per each additional image. $19.99
Up to 4 images. Images rotate throughout your checkbook $20.95
Up to 24 images. First image is free. $1 per each additional image $18.99
1 image, or up to 4 rotating images available for the same price. $23.95