The majority of home theaters have plenty of cables and other equipment; it’s almost impossible to set them up without creating a horrific mess. Ordinarily, you can’t tuck all the stuff out of sight in a cabinet or closet, as the remote controllers won’t work because they need an unobstructed path.

On the other hand, there’s a way in which you can hide away most of the stuff and still get the remote controllers to work – Infrared repeater kits.

What’s an IR Repeater?

An IR Repeater is a system that converts the infrared light from the remote controller into electric signals that can be distributed easily to remote-controllable components of a device. Therefore, IR repeaters eliminate the clutter of devices and wires by hiding them from the view.

Good IR repeaters control hidden audio and visual elements from long ranges. Here are the best IR repeaters in the market today.

BAFX Products IR Repeater Review

The BAFX Products IR Repeater is one of the best IR Repeaters in the market. This IR Repeater controls up to eight devices, and with an expander, it can handle up to 12 devices. The following are the main pros of using this product:

• It works with a regular USB cord

• Comes with an IR receiver and a distribution block

• Has a long-range capacity

• It’s relatively affordable

BlastIR Wireless IR Repeater Review

Sewell’s BlastIR Repeater is designed to ensure that your remote controller’s signal gets where it needs to be directed. Signals from remote controls need the line of sight to work, and thus you’ll need this repeater if the devices you’re trying to control aren’t in sight.

The best thing about this product is that Sewell provides you with all the components you need in a single convenient package so you can send IR signals to any place. The following are the other advantages of using this product:

• Comes with IR Reciever and Optional IR Cables

• Includes an IR Emitter

Nevertheless, the product isn’t compatible with the following:

• Dish Hopper 3

• Dish VIP 211

• Cisco 8300 HDC

• Cisco 9865 HDC

• Cisco Explorer 4240 HDC

• Cisco Explorer 4640 HDC

• Cisco Explorer 4642 HDC

• Cisco Explorer 4742 HDC

Inteset Technologies INT-IR38TX Infrared Receiver Review

This 38kHz IR Repeater is made to work flawlessly and be the best of its kind in the market. With this handy gadget, you can hide your cable boxes in the cabinets, and yet the repeater will handle all the functions as though the set-top boxes are in the open.

It’s made to work with almost all 38 kHz cable boxes that have 3.5 IR jack at the back. For easy installation, the repeater comes with a self-stick tape at the back of the infrared bud. The following are among the devices that have been confirmed to work perfectly with this receiver:

• Pace TDC787X HD

• Cisco CHS435-HDC


• Thomson DCI1011com

• Samsung sr150bnm

However, the device will not work with:

• Motorola DCT or DCH, Series, QIP2500

• Verizon Motorola QIP 6416-2

• Arris /Motorola DCX3200-M, DCX3600-M, DCX3600, RNG200

It also won’t work with any set top box that doesn’t have an active 3.5 IR Port

Sewell Direct SW-30471 BlastIR

The Direct SW-30471 makes it possible for you to use your old remote controller to regulate more than three components kept away in the cabinet, the closet and any other place out of sight.

Its distribution technology enables you to hide the heavy entertainment equipment such as the cable box, satellite receiver, the amplifier, and much more without losing the ability to control them.

The repeater uses a dual band system, and thus works with most IR devices.

Buying GuideHow to find the best IR Repeater for your needs.

1. The receiver’s band

Going for a single-band receiver may save you a few bucks, but for performance purposes, it’s advisable to go for dual-band models.

2. The connection block

How many emitters can the repeater’s connection block handle? If you’re looking for maximum functionality, go for the device that can control many emitters. As a matter of fact, some infrared repeaters can handle as many as 18 emitters.

Final Word

Finding the best IR repeater can make running your home theater system an easy task. Remember, a good infrared repeater is easy to use and emits strong signals that work perfectly with out-of-sight audio/visual components. Also, keep in mind that the best IR repeaters have a long range and are able to work perfectly with multiple devices.