The best foam cannons cover the car in very thick foam eating into the grime and dirt thus cleaning your car efficiently. Using it involves mixing between 2-6 ounces of your chosen cleanser with water, preferably hot water, inside a jar included in the package.

You then reconnect the nozzle provided and connect the assembly to a pressure washer. After setting it up, adjust the nozzle to provide the foam thickness you need before covering your vehicle.

The foam cannon then pushes out foam using a high-tech nozzle that delivers an excellent foamy wash.

Below we review the best foam cannons available on the market.

Gilmour Foamaster II Cleaning Sprayer Review

This large quarter-gallon Cleaning Sprayer provides a generous foam of suds that quickly covers your vehicle entirely. It is, essentially, a new and exciting Foam Cannon capable of helping you wash your vehicle much more efficiently and with minimal risk of damaging your paint.

Use a small amount of your preferred cleanser and attach this product to the end of your hose; it mixes the right amount of water with the cleanser thus producing the ideal amount of suds necessary to cover your vehicle.

You can also adjust its settings to spray water only. Foamaster II, therefore, is a lot simpler to use, and provides a variety of cleaning options and saves time. It is also much safer than traditional washings, which can scuff or scratch your paint.

Leadrise Adjustable Snow Foam Lance Washer Review

The Snow Foam Lance connects right to your pressure washer thus delivering a thick foam layer that effectively breaks down all the dirt and grime. Chances of scrubbing in harsh substances against your car, potentially damaging the paintwork are, therefore, nonexistent when using the foam cannon.

Its attractive features include easy installation since it plugs straight to the pressure washer and the fact that it comes with several adjustable settings. The settings allow you to quickly select detergent to water mixing ratios. It also works perfectly with a broad range of surfaces including the boats and windows displays.

Chemical Guys ACC_326 Foam Blaster 6 Foam Wash Gun Review

This Foam Cannon combines the washing solution with running water and air creating a foamy car wash lather. Therefore it covers your vehicle with slick suds reliably eradicating grease, grime, and stuck-on dirt from the exterior surface.

Such foam drastically lowers the danger of introducing scratches and swirls in your car’s painted surface.

Chemical Guys Foam Blaster is versatile enough to be utilized with premium chemical car wash soap for a broad range of car wash needs. The soap solution holder it comes with has a modest capacity of 32 oz.

MATCC Adjustable Foam Wash Gun Review

MATCC, has matching accessories for several purposes for cleaning a car such as pressure washers, mechanical equipment, and floors, it is strong yet can be quite delicate on your car. Is has a solid construction; all its connections are based on top-quality brass.

This foam cannon additionally comes with an adjustable spray nozzle that facilitates precise mixing and foam production.

Due to its heavy duty build, MATCC is suitable for commercial or an enthusiast’s personal use. You can also conveniently adjust its spray angle to suit your unique needs besides being extremely convenient to use.

Buying Guide

Below are the features you should look out for when shopping for the best foam cannon;

1. Flexibility

The best foam cannon should be flexible enough to allow you to utilize it for a full range of cleaning needs. Find out if it’ll be possible to use the Car Washer for both regular, mild car cleaning, and occasional, intense, grime-laden cleaning.

You also want the product that you can use to clean other items in your home and that which allows you to use various cleaning solution without interfering with its proper functioning.

2. Solid Construction

Foam cannons made of sturdy materials withstand years of typical use thus giving you value for your money. So, ensure the product you are considering is made of high-quality materials. It should also come with a cleaning solution bottle of adequate capacity for the amount of time that you plan to use it.

3. Performance

The product you choose should deliver impressive results regardless of the amount of dirt on your car’s exterior surface. Those that generate slippery foams are particularly beneficial since they do not scratch your vehicle, potentially damaging its paintwork.

The nozzle also affects the performance directly, and as such, you should pay attention to its features, capabilities and the technology level it incorporates.


The best foam cannon clean cars efficiently. Use the above buying guide to get value for money. While there are many models in the market, the above four come with all the necessary features,
and create outstanding PSI pressure values to produce thick foam that cleans all dirt and grime.