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Top 3 Drip Pans for Outdoor Grilling

Grilling outdoors is always fun and relaxing, but cleanup can be a hassle. Below I have reviewed the highest rated disposable and reusable drip pans.

Introduction to Recreational Gold Prospecting Part 3 of 3 – Gold Sluicing

If you are looking for a way to actively enjoy the outdoors combined with the excitement of discovery, then gold sluicing with a sluice box may be just the hobby for you. This is part three of a three part introductory gold prospecting series: Part 1 –

Introduction to Recreational Gold Prospecting Part 2 of 3 – Gold Panning

With gold prices on the rise and many reality TV shows covering treasure hunting, gold panning is once again becoming popular. How do you actually get started as a recreational gold panner? This is something that almost anyone can do, but there are a few tools and

Introduction to Recreational Gold Prospecting Part 1 of 3

Gold prospecting probably conjures up images of the Old West, trusty mules and the hope for striking it rich by discovering gold. This is part one of a three part introductory gold prospecting series: Part 2 – Gold Panning | Part 3 – Gold Sluicing Though it

Military Personal Check Designs – We found the best

I have searched a number of websites to find the best examples of personal checks with military designs on them. The Navy, Army, Marines, Air Force each are included with some unique designs. Support our troops, or show off your pride for the branch you served with.

Bright and Beautiful Butterfly Check Designs – We found the best

We have scoured the web and found the best personal check designs that have butterflies on them. Everything is included from designs featuring the beautiful monarch, to bright and artsy designs that feature the butterfly. Some of the designs also are able to be put on address

Top 5 Golf Stroke Counters Under $20

Have trouble remembering how many strokes you had on that last hole? Do you keep losing the scorecard? Do you simply want an easier method of keeping track of your golf score? You should consider a golf score counter. There are many different styles, and can be

Bee Houses – How To Make – Where to Buy – Helpful Review

When most of us think of bees, we think of honeybees. However, honeybees are just one of many species of bee. Two other types of bee are Mason Bees and Leafcutter Bees. These species do not construct communal hives, instead they fashion individual homes in what are

Should You Consider Faux Tin Tiles? – Product Review

What are Faux Tin Tiles? Faux tin tiles are used to recreate the look of a decorative metal tile without the cost or hassle of installation. They are made from lightweight PVC and styrene and then painted to look like real metal tiles. They are available in Review – 93 out of 100

I did a full review of and graded the company on 10 different factors, with each factor being worth 10 points. This is the same grading scale I used for other magazine sites. The final score out of 100 is at the end of the review.